Week 9 reading response: deadline amnesty

Jennifer Egan

We’ve shelved Delicious Foods, at least for the time being, to give people a chance to catch up. Here are some ways you could spend the time:

  1. If you haven’t filed your JE coverage, do so.
  2. If you got your JE coverage back with notes (Lola check your mailbox), revise it with them in mind, as well as your colleagues’ work (those drafts to be posted to the JE blog comments shortly).
  3. Catch up on your reading responses. Now through Sunday night, deadline amnesty applies to all blog postings. Focus on Woolf (which will help with Assignment #5) and Updike, which we will discuss in some depth next time we meet. Now’s a great opportunity to catch up on the blog as far back as you need — I was surprised tallying up the midterm scores how much these wound up helping those who posted faithfully. Also, just as great writing is rewriting, great reading is rereading, so relish the opportunity to revisit older titles in the syllabus.
  4. Read further into Rabbit at Rest. The original assignment was through p. 95. Read through 117 for a thrilling, harrowing scene. If you get up through 223 I promise you a spectacular confrontation, 287 a numbingly perverse encounter, 361 a brilliantly satisfying comeuppance, and at that point you should just finish the novel already.
  5. Respond to the March 11th “LT212 Zine survey and deadline reminders” email. I’m really proud of the work you guys have done — let’s put the best of it together and print it.
  6. Get a jump on the “Assignment 8” rewrite proposal. Especially if you’ve missed one or more assignments, this is a nice opportunity to significantly boost your average for the semester.

NB – by Monday midnight, before we meet next, please send me an email telling me how you spent the time this week, e.g., “Filed JE revision, filed Woolf & Updike blog posts, read to p. 223 in Rabbit and responded to zine survey.” The Week 9 “reading response” will be scored as leniently as the usual reading responses (and separately from any back-posts you get caught up on), but I will need this email in order to score it.

Week 9 reading response: deadline amnesty

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