Week 3, Story 2: Minor vs. major (Group 1)

Task #1: Following A Visit to the Goon Squad, take a minor character from your first story and make her the main character in your new one. Alternately (or concurrently), make your main character a minor character.

Task #2: Preface your story with a “flaneur” passage from A Sentimental Education – one not quoted by Wood. The passage should exemplify Flaubert’s characterization of his method Wood quotes in Section 30: “An author in his work must be like God in the universe, present everywhere and visible nowhere. Art being a second nature, the creator of that nature must operate with analogous procedures: let there be felt in every atom, every aspect, a hidden, infinite impassivity.” Model at least one passage in your story on the section you choose from Flaubert.

In both selecting the quote and in writing your corresponding passage, pay close attention to the dynamics of detail that Wood highlights: of varying duration, stasis vs. action, seeming randomness vs. potential significance, and the conventions of realism.

Task #3: Editors and writers, make sure you’ve brainstormed the assignment by Friday evening. Editors, please drop me a brief email by Friday midnight letting me know how these initial consultations went.

Please note that Lindsay is replacing Manon as a member of Group A:

Acacia Mays (Wilma Ewerhart)
Alona Cohen (Loulou Oudshoorn)
Irina Bunčić (Lindsay Parkhowell)
Joel Dombrower (Olorin Etemad-Lehmer)
Lola Jalbert (Ronni Shalev)

Week 3, Story 2: Minor vs. major (Group 1)

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